What is the cost?
  • You will have to pay for a domain and hosting. Domain names are usually $8 – $12 a year. Hosting can go from $5 – $15 a month. For more informationĀ on website domains and hosting, refer to the database action items on website creation!
What’s better, your own website or a beatstore page?
  • Having your own website is better because you are in control of everything. It will also be MUCH MUCH easier to follow along with the course and setup of how we teach you.
How do I embed my beatstore player onto my website?
  • You can find our video on how to do it right here on the course
How do I create a privacy policy for my website?
  • You can look into online generators, click here to see
  • OR you can contact a lawyer.
How do you make the popup to get people onto your email list?
  • During the initial course setup we used Convert Pro, we have a video on the setup here
  • You can use cheaper alternatives, but you are responsible them for figuring out the back end.
  • You can use the free form builder in Active Campaign, it’s not as pretty and cannot pop up but it’s free. *You can watch that video here*
  • As of September 2021, Robin is using a new platform ConvertBox *Click here* to see Robin’s explanation for using ConvertBox
Where do subscribers go after signing up?
  • After signing up, your subscribers should be redirected to the Paperform page to fill out the questionaire.
Can you set up an opt-in with immediate survey? Such as what robin has right now (
  • This can only be done with using “ConvertBox”. As stated before this is a pretty pricy feature and immediate surveys are NOT needed.
What WordPress theme does Robin use?

The theme called Astra. How do I edit a WordPress website? For page building/editing we recommend using “Elementor”. Currently putting together a new beat store on wordpress, any tips for creating the licensing section similar to the beat stars pro one? I’ve got elementor pro
Could you recommend a tutorial for a WordPress website creation?
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