Free Beats (Lead Magnet)

  • Should the lead magnet (the free beats) always contain the same beats or should artists be able to pick what they want?
    • The free beat pack is always the same beats, its way to much work for you to deliver them their own beats they want.
  • Should this pack be (Free for Non-Profit) or (Free for Profit)?
    • There is no specific answer here. Just do what you’re comfortable with.
    • If you choose (free for non-profit) we provide a contract that you can use by clicking here.
  • Should the other beats on my beatstore be free for NON Profit?
    • To answer this question, we recommend that the only free beats you give away should be in a separate pack.
    • All the rest of your beats should NOT be free to download.
  • How do I setup the free beats on my website?
    • For more information, please refer to the “Email Marketing” Section in the FAQ.
  • Do I need to offer free beats? What about a coupon code?
    • While it is up to you do offer what you want, we will tell you right away that Free Beats are the BEST lead magnet
    • Giving away a coupon code or something else other than free beats will most likely hurt/lower your sign up percentage.
    • A 20% off coupon to someone who has no clue who you are isn’t really valuable in most scenarios.

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