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What are the best practices for email marketing?

We’ve recently made a video going over the best practices for email marketing. You can access that by clicking here. It is found in Module X Video #X

Do I need to use Active Campaign?

We really want to stress that it will save you a headache and a lot of time to use Active Campaign.
Trying to setup all the automations and emails without the templates will be a timely process.
We provide all the templates, but they only work for Active Campaign.

What price version of Active Campaign do I need?

To get started, you will only need the “Lite” version.

How would I go about creating a new email address that I can use for active campaign?

As addressed in the email marketing best practices, we STRONGLY recommend using a “G-Suite Business” Account to create an email from your own domain to send out emails.

My emails are not going to the main inbox?

Do not worry about going into the promotions tab, as long as you do not end up in the “Spam” folder you will be fine.
Email has algorithms, and we’d highly recommend you read our article on email marketing to learn more about this process. Click here to read
Here’s another article from Active Campaign on the issue. Click here to read.
One big notice we have seen is if you send from a “personal” email address you’re more likely to go to the spam folder as opposed to sending from a g-suite business email.

No one is opening my emails?

Please first look at your open rate and how many people have been sent emails.
If you’ve only sent 10 emails out and only 2 have been opened, thats right on par with the average open rate for all email marketing. For more email marketing numbers click here.
How to check email statistics in active campaign
Once more, please make sure to follow the best practices

It’s telling me my campaign doesn’t have a mailing address and my emails will not send?

Due to anti spam laws, you need to include a physical mailing address with your active campaign account (and for any ESP)
You can click here to learn how to set it up.

What fields do I need to setup within Active Campaign?

For the fields that are required to setup, please visit this page in our command center.

Where do I find the templates for the emails?

“Strategy Playbooks and Templates” then “Templates” and then each automation is labeled
Or you can find it within the notion command center under the “Actions Item Database”

How do I setup the active campaign templates?

*Link video for automation setup*


Lead Magnet Delivery Sequence

How does the sequence start?

The sequence begins from when someone signs up for free beats, as shown in the setup videos you will need to pass along the tag “Survey – Start” from your opt in builder into the active campaigns contact!
You can find this video in Module 6 – Setting up a Lead Magnet on your Website with ConvertPro
This process is the same for most any other Opt-in builders.
You NEED to pass through the tag for this to properly work!

In the email I see this “%Lead_Magnet_Name%. WTF???

Please refer back to the “What fields do I need to setup above” and you will see how this properly is setup with active campaign!

Whats this goal in the sequence?

As in our sequence, you will see subscribers first have to fill out the form before getting the beats.
If they do NOT fill out the form, they do not receive the “Survey – Complete” tag and will be sent reminder emails.
Once they do choose to fill out the survey and get the tag. It will automatically update within active campaign and they will have “reached the goal”.
Then they will be sent the beat pack and moved forward through the sequences.

Artist Relation Sequence (ARS)

How does this sequence begin?

This sequence is automatically started within the previous “Lead Magnet Delivery Sequence”.
In the installation video you will see that setup that sequence to begin at the end of the “Lead Magnet Delivery Sequence”.

What do I do about “Robins Vietnam Hit” Email in the sequence?

You will see one of the emails in the template is based off robins success with a viral song. What if you don’t have one?
Re-read the email, and then translate into one of your own personal success or hardship stories.
The more personal the better! People want to know that you’re a real person!

Sales Funnel

How does this sequence begin?

This sequence is automatically started within the previous “ARS Sequence”.
In the installation video you will see that setup that sequence to begin at the end of the “ARS Sequence”.

How do I setup a valid coupon to expire in 5 days for my sales offer?

Due to limitations on ANY beatstore, it is currently impossible to truly do this. Just set up a coupon and keep a close eye on whose using it. If you notice an artist or unfamiliar email abusing the coupon, simply change it.
Also on wordpress, you can setup a 5 day timer using a free plugin called “Evergreen Countdown timer”. You can setup the timer to be based on the users browsers cookies or IP address. For reference this is what the page will look like.

Keeping Up With You List

What emails do I keep sending to my list?

It is important to keep your focus on providing value and engagement.
You can do something like a weekly beat pack, but don’t just link your beats.
Tell a story about what motivated you, ask about their week, which beat is your favorite and why?
Repeat! Do not just link your beats!!! Tell them something!

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