After Sales / License Upgrades

How does this automation start?

You need to first setup your sales sheet – Module 6 – Collecting Sales Data from Customers
Also watch Module 6 – Auto-triggering the After Sales Sequence

How do I connect my google sheets to active campaign?

As of September 2021, you will still need to use Zapier.
Please refer to Module 6 – Auto-triggering the After Sales Sequence.

Whats the point of license upgrades?

Direct Quote from Robin on why he uses this: “How I use it mostly, is to reach out to people who bought a cheap license, convince them of the benefits of the more expensive one and allow them to upgrade paying the difference or even a discount on the difference.”

How do you setup license upgrades?

Please refer to this video in the course
We use the platform Paperform for handling license upgrades
IT is setup to automatically send customers “Custom PDF’s” for their new licenses
You only need to worry about sending out any new files for the beat.
Ex. if someone upgrades from an mp3 lease to a trackout lease, you need to send them the tracked out files.

Is there an automatic license upgrade feature on every beatstore?

As of now, the only beatstore that offers customer license upgrades within the beatstore is Soundee.
When customers log into their accounts, they can go into their purchases, and then upgrade licenses from the platform.

The Zero to Radio Ready Email

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